Samuel Higgs graduated his masters degree with distinction from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia in 2011. It was as a child, when chiropractic saved his brother from bilateral hip surgery, that his interest in chiropractic began.

Playing Australian football at a semi professional level, chiropractic helped with recovery and was an integral part of his matchday preparations.

Since moving to Europe, he has cared for people from different cultures and lifestyles in over 20 practices, from children-only practices in Holland to working with professional cyclists in Girona, Spain.

He believes the capacity of your body to heal and regenerate is far greater than for which we give it credit. Hise ambition is to help you harness this ability, recover your health and live your life to your values and desires.

Chiropractic is Samuels passion and helping people live their life by design is his mission. If you wish to change your life in a safe, natural and effective manner, please do not hesitate to reach out today.